Low-cost, IoT-enabled vibration monitoring system

ShakeSense – IoT-enabled vibration monitoring system

ShakeSense is a low-cost, IoT-enabled vibration monitoring system that easily attaches to buildings, bridges and private homes to measure the effects of vibrations caused by construction, demolition, mining and more.

Automated Monitoring

ShakeSense is a device that measures, processes, and wirelessly transmits vibration data. The ShakeSense system can be used to monitor, manage, and mitigate risk of damage due to vibrations. The ShakeSense system combines low-cost, small form factor sensors and wireless cloud connectivity to measure the effects of vibrations from construction, mining, and more.

ShakeSense easily attaches to homes, buildings or other structures to monitor vibrations sustained from construction or other factors – wirelessly transmitting data and tracking it to provide a solid understanding of the situation.

Improved Accuracy

Vibration monitoring is currently exceedingly expensive. Owning and renting equipment to monitor vibrations routinely costs tens of thousands of dollars. Hiring consultants qualified to interpret the measured vibration data only adds to the already expensive equipment cost. As a result, vibration monitoring is often NOT conducted when it should be.


The cost of vibration monitoring equipment prevents widespread monitoring of vibration to property surrounding a construction site or mine. The low cost of ShakeSense allows monitoring to occur at multiple sites surrounding a source of vibration. Therefore, vibration maps can be generated for vibration sources. Furthermore, all locations of potential damage can be monitored rather than a single location.

Vibration Monitoring with Real-time Data

P4’s ShakeSense system autonomously measures vibrations, capturing data in real-time, as well as aggregating measurements over time for continued analysis. Measure vibration from sources such as:

Building Construction Sites

  • Structural Damage
  • Non-Structural Damage
  • Historic Buildings & Contents
  • Human Perception

Road Construction Sites

  • Residential Home Damage
  • Geographically Distributed

Mining Sites

  • Residential Home Damage
  • Blasting Operations

Other Applications

  • Demolition
  • Seismic Events
  • Public Transportation
  • Rail Transportation
  • Unknown, Human Perceived Sources

Real-time Data

ShakeSense autonomously captures vibration data, sending wirelessly and securely to the cloud.

P4’s ShakeSense vibration monitoring sensor is small but mighty.Nifty P4-branded coffee cup included to indicate size. Click here to request a coffee cup of your own!

The Device

ShakeSense uses a 3-axis, high sensitivity, low noise, low drift, low power accelerometer. The IP68 enclosure makes ShakeSense suitable for outdoor use. Multiple power options are available. Contact P4 for details.

Multiple wireless communication protocols are available: Wi-Fi, LoRa, and cellular. ShakeSense is 5G ready!

ShakeSense is a self-contained, portable device with no maintenance required. The sensor, computer, and electronics come together in one physical unit to form an all-in-one solution.

Data Visualization


The ShakeSense dashboard presents measured data in commonly used formats for vibration assessment. Wireless data transmission is secured via state-of-the-art technologies.

USBM RI 8507 Blasting Criteria

AASHTO (2004) Human Perceptibility Criteria

Return on Investment

Low Cost

Low-cost relative to purchase or rental of other vibration monitoring systems.

Multiple Placements

The small form factor and low cost makes it feasible to use in multiple locations, even within a single building or property.

Ease of Use

Simple operation and concise dashboard viewing and analytics

Leverage Data

Build a case for lowered property and casualty insurance rates.

Improved Process

Data-driven improvements to construction and engineering practice.

Installation & Applications


Think of P4’s ShakeSense as an appliance. The installation and operation is “…so easy, even a caveman can do it…” Simply set it in place, plug it in, and make data. P4 has designed its systems to be simple in installation, simple in operation, and simple to maintain.


The ShakeSense form factor allows it to be installed nearly anywhere on a structure or within property where damage is of concern. Private homeowners can also install and utilize ShakeSense. Contact P4 for additional details – simply use the form below!

ShakeSense Features & Benefits


Easy to Install & Use

• Extremely small form factor device easily mounts almost anywhere

• Simply mount and turn it on – it will immediately begin recording and sending data

• Cloud-based storage and dashboarding is user-friendly


Low Cost

• Inexpensive devices allows you to utilize more sensors, capture more data points, and STILL save money!


Rugged and Reliable

• Weatherproof Enclosure

• High sensitivity, low noise, low drift, low power accelerometer

• Secure data transmission


Low-cost, IoT-enabled vibration monitoring system

The ShakeSense system is proudly designed and assembled in the United States of America.

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