Rain mX

IoT solutions for rainfall and environmental monitoring

Rain mX – IoT rainfall and environmental monitoring system

Rain mX is an IoT-enabled rainfall and environmental monitoring system. It is available as part of our LIQUA-Level and INFIL-Tracker systems or as a singular component.

Automated Monitoring

Autonomously monitor rainfall, and with an optional accessory, Rain mX can also measure temperature, pressure, and humidity. Rain mX has been a popular add-on device to our INFIL-Tracker and LIQUA-Level systems since it provides valuable data needed for analysis of stormwater catchment and groundwater infiltration quantities. The device can be a stand-alone device for anyone looking to measure rainfall and environmental data.

Rain mX is an innovative weather monitor and rain guage that autonomously measures precipitation events and environmental data. Available on its own as well as a component within our INFIL-Tracker and LIQUA-Level sytems, all elements are solar-powered.

Improved Accuracy

The traditional way to monitor the weather is your smart phone using a weather app or logging into your favorite browser-based weather viewing portal.


The weather conditions you obtain are, more often than not, for a location that is NOT the same as your location. Rain mX allows you to obtain your weather information at the location you need it and view from anywhere.


Rain mX allows you to easily obtain weather records of rainfall, relative humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure for entire days, hours, months, years, or weeks at a time.


Rain mX also allows you to move your weather station around to react to your needs. So, if you are a general contractor and need weather related information at an earthwork and concrete pour site one month and need it at new site the next month, Rain mX is your solution.


P4’s Rain mX system provides peace of mind:


  • Confidence that you have quality weather related information like relative humidity and temperature before, during, and after your concrete placement


  • Confidence that your weather-related delays to construction will be documented using local weather-related information that justifies the stoppage


  • Confidence that the prior evening’s weather at your site is well understood before you arrive with crews and equipment for the next day’s work


  • Flexibility in knowing that you can easily move your weather station from jobsite to jobsite


  • The small form factor and low cost of Rain-mX gives you confidence to build an inventory of weather monitoring devices and your own monitoring network as your business footprint expands

Real-time Data

P4’s systems include intuitive browser-based desktop and mobile device dashboards for viewing. P4’s updated dashboard interface that includes ESRI/ArcGIS compatibility is coming soon! For more information, contact us.

The INFIL-Tracker offers single pane of glass viewing of data.

Browser-based dashboards are available for mobile or desktop viewing.

The innovative Rain mX system is solar-powered and modular.

The Sensors

P4’s systems have been designed and tested to be robust and durable so owners can be confident that the devices are essentially maintenance-free. However, they are completely modular, so if a device goes down, it can easily be swapped out.


The devices are low voltage, solar-battery powered, so there isn’t any need for conduits and power feeds. The devices can communicate using different wireless technologies, our most popular flavor has been cellular. Our devices are 5G ready too! 


Device health is remotely monitored through our dashboard so issues can be predicted and maintenance can be scheduled well ahead of a critical failure. Battery and sensor health is monitored remotely and documented in the P4 dashboard.


A robust tipping bucket rain gauge provides site-specific, time-stamped rainfall data. The P4 temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensor also provides real-time data. The rain gauge sensor is modular and easily swapped.


The INFIL-Tracker sensor is also intrinsically safe and provides real-time water levels beneath permeable pavement and in bioremediation systems as well as infiltration rates that contributed to groundwater recharge.

Rain mX Features & Benefits


Save Money & Human Resources, Gain Accuracy

  • Remotely monitor conditions with a real-time dashboard at a location you define
  • Record micro-climate – no more reliance on weather data from nearby airports or other regional weather stations.


Document Weather-related Delays for Clients

  • Document historical weather conditions at your sites


Avoid Inefficiency

  • Understand local weather conditions at your sites, especially overnight weather events

Installation & Applications


Think of P4’s Rain-mX as an appliance. The installation and operation is “…so easy, even a caveman can do it…” Think of Rain-mX like a toaster. Simply set it in place, plug it in, and make data. P4 has designed its systems to be simple in installation, simple in operation, and simple to maintain.


Installation of the Rain-mX device can take several forms. Rain-mX can be mounted to a pound-in and take-out pole mount that can be moved from site to site. It can be installed with a base plate that can be sand-bagged in place and moved when needed. Rain-mX can also be mounted on a permanent tamper-resistant pole.


P4 has developed standardized installation procedures. P4 Infrastructure can help you customize your installation as needed.

Rain mX

IoT solutions for rainfall and environmental monitoring

The Rain mX system is proudly designed and assembled in the United States of America.

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