IoT solutions for stormwater management

LIQUA-Level IoT-enabled monitoring system for stormwater infrastructure

LIQUA-Level is an IoT-enabled monitoring system for the management of stormwater infrastructure like underground detention cisterns.

Automated Monitoring

Autonomously monitor rainfall and resulting runoff in the form of water level. Stormwater runoff levels in underground detention cisterns can be measured autonomously and in real-time. P4’s LIQUA-Level records and documents how much rain fell and how much stormwater is present in storage after a precipitation event.

LIQUA-LEVEL is comprised of an in-ground sensor, designed to monitor cistern capacity, as well as our Rain mX rain guage. Both devices are solar powered.

Improved Accuracy

Traditionally, the only way to ensure functioning stormwater infrastructure was to perform visual inspections. A process that quickly becomes time consuming, costly and unreliable.


P4’s systems can tell you rain event intensity, and how much stormwater has been captured and stored.


Strategic stormwater management using the Source Loading & Management Model (SLAMM) establishes annualized stormwater runoff pollutant loads. P4’s LIQUA-Level products measure real time runoff volume captured so that communities can understand if they have met TMDL compliance (Total Maximum Daily Load) to meet U.S. EPA Clean Water Act regulations.


P4’s LIQUA-Level system provides peace of mind:

  • Confidence that your storage/detention cistern performs as intended
  • Confidence that you’ve invested effectively so that your stormwater best management practice is performing to satisfy TMDL compliance

Real-time Data

P4’s systems include intuitive browser-based desktop and mobile device dashboards for viewing. P4’s updated dashboard interface that includes ESRI/ArcGIS compatibility is coming soon! For more information, contact us.


LIQUA-Level offers single pane of glass viewing of data.

Browser-based dashboards are available for mobile or desktop viewing.

The LIQUA-Level system is solar-powered and modular.

Lasting Results

P4’s belief in the benefits of wide-spread use of stormwater best management practices in pursuit of EPA Clean Water Act TMDL compliance drove the development of LIQUA-Level. Underground storage cisterns are very expensive pieces of stormwater infrastructure that is often a component within a larger stormwater management system.


LIQUA-Level documents the real-time performance of a storage cistern for rain events. This then documents how the cistern contributes to the performance of a larger stormwater management system.


Documented and proven results lead to more savings, more efficiency, and improved operation and management, and improved waterways.

P4’s LIQUA-Level Sensors


P4’s systems have been designed and tested to be robust and durable so owners can be confident that the devices are essentially maintenance free. However, they are completely modular, so if a device goes down, it can easily be swapped out. 

The devices are low voltage, solar-battery powered, so there isn’t any need for conduits and power feeds. The devices can communicate using different wireless technologies, our most popular flavor has been cellular. Our devices are 5G ready, too! Device health is remotely monitored through our dashboard so issues can be predicted and maintenance can be scheduled well ahead of a critical failure. Battery health is monitored via the P4 dashboard.


A robust tipping bucket rain gauge provides site-specific, time-stamped rainfall data. The P4 temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensor also provides real-time data. The rain gauge sensor is also modular and easily swapped.


The LIQUA-Level sensor is intrinsically safe and provides real-time water level readings. The sensor is manufactured in the USA.

LIQUA-Level Features & Benefits

Save Money & Human Resources

  • Monitor multiple locations remotely with a real-time dashboard
  • Data-driven TMDL compliance – only spend money when and where needed

Prevent Flooding & Recharge Natural Resources

  • Measure runoff volume captured

Installation & Applications

Think of P4’s INFIL-Tracker as an appliance. The installation and operation is “…so easy, even a caveman can do it…” Think of your INFIL-Tracker like a toaster. Simply set it in place, plug it in, and make data. P4 has designed its systems to be simple in installation, simple in operation, and simple to maintain.


Installation of the INFIL-Tracker system is done using off-the-shelf tools and minimal human resources. Installation can occur pre- or post-construction.


P4 Infrastructure has developed standardized installation procedures and can help you customize your installation as needed.


Ready to learn more? Use the form below to schedule a time to talk to P4 about INFIL-Tracker applications including:

  • Stormwater Storage Solutions
  • Constructed Wetlands


IoT solutions for stormwater management

The LIQUA-Level system is proudly system is proudly designed and assembled in the United States of America.

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