IoT solutions for stormwater management

INFIL-Tracker IoT-enabled monitoring system for stormwater infrastructure

INFIL-Tracker is an IoT-enabled monitoring system for the management of stormwater infrastructure like permeable pavement and bioswales.

Automated Monitoring

Autonomously monitor rainfall and resulting stormwater runoff in the form of water level beneath permeable pavement or bioremediation systems. P4’s systems track how much water is present after a precipitation event, reporting how fast it got there and how long it remains during infiltration.


INFIL-Tracker autonomously monitors environmental conditions including rainfall along with stormwater volume stored and stormwater volume infiltrated into groundwater systems via permeable pavement surfaces and bioremediation systems.

INFIL-Tracker IoT Permeable Pavement Management System

INFIL-Tracker is comprised of an in-ground sensor, designed to fit within your pavement structure, as well as our Rain mX rain guage. Both devices are solar powered.

Improved Accuracy

Traditionally, the only way to ensure functioning permeable pavement and bioremediation infrastructure systems was to perform visual inspections, requiring specially trained individuals and subjective assessment. A process that quickly becomes time consuming, costly, and unreliable.


P4’s INFIL-Tracker system can not only monitor if there is clogging of a permeable pavement, but they can pinpoint where the clogging occurred. P4’s systems can also tell you rain intensity, how much stormwater is captured and how quickly that stormwater infiltrates.


Strategic stormwater management using the Source Loading & Management Model (SLAMM) and other hydrologic methods establish annualized stormwater runoff pollutant loads. P4’s INFIL-Tracker products measure real time runoff volume captured so that communities can understand if they have met TMDL compliance (Total Maximum Daily Load) to meet U.S. EPA Clean Water Act regulations.


P4’s INFIL-Tracker system provides peace of mind:

  • Confidence that your permeable pavement surface performs as intended
  • Confidence that your maintenance interventions are appropriately timed, effective, and not wasteful of fiscal, equipment, and human resources
  • Confidence that you’ve invested effectively so that your stormwater best management practice is performing to satisfy TMDL compliance

Real-time Data

P4’s systems include intuitive browser-based desktop and mobile device dashboards for viewing. P4’s updated dashboard interface that includes ESRI/ArcGIS compatibility is coming soon! For more information, contact us.

The INFIL-Tracker offers single pane of glass viewing of data.

Browser-based dashboards are available for mobile or desktop viewing.

Real-time Maintenance

INFIL-Tracker eliminates the need for regular recurring inspections and streamlines maintenance schedules.

With storm event data in real time, engineers and maintenance professionals can monitor and troubleshoot remotely and set alert thresholds to notify them if a surface has become clogged. Contact us to learn about our partnerships with permeable pavement manufacturers that document what your permeable pavement infrastructure can do for you.

Lasting Results

Knowing the difference between PERMEABLE and CLOGGED is the key to maintaining a fully functional and cost-effective permeable pavement system.

P4’s belief in the benefits of wide-spread use of Green Infrastructure in pursuit of EPA Clean Water Act TMDL compliance drove the development of INFIL-Tracker. These systems demonstrate that individual green infrastructure components are working properly within a greater stormwater management system.

Documented and proven results lead to more savings, more efficiency, and improved operation and management, and healthier waterways.

P4’s INFIL-Tracker Sensors

P4’s systems have been designed and tested to be robust and durable so owners can be confident that the devices are essentially maintenance-free. However, they are completely modular, so if a device goes down, it can easily be swapped out.

The devices are low voltage and solar-battery powered so there isn’t any need for conduits and power feeds. The devices can communicate using different wireless technologies, our most popular flavor has been cellular. Our devices are 5G ready, too!

Device health is remotely monitored through our dashboard, so issues can be predicted and maintenance can be scheduled well ahead of a critical failure. Battery and sensor health is monitored remotely and documented in the P4 dashboard.

A robust tipping bucket rain gauge provides site-specific, time-stamped rainfall data. The P4 temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensor also provides real-time data.

The INFIL-Tracker sensor is also intrinsically safe and provides real-time water levels beneath permeable pavement and in bioremediation systems as well as infiltration rates that contributed to groundwater recharge.

INFIL-Tracker Features & Benefits


Save Money & Human Resources

  • Monitor multiple locations remotely with a real-time dashboard
  • Remotely determine maintenance requirement
  • Schedule maintenance on an as-needed basis rather than at predetermined intervals
  • Data-driven TMDL compliance – only spend money when and where needed

Prevent Flooding & Recharge Natural Resources

  • Measure runoff volume captured
  • Measure infiltration rate

Installation & Applications


Think of P4’s INFIL-Tracker as an appliance. The installation and operation is “…so easy, even a caveman can do it…” Think of your INFIL-Tracker like a toaster. Simply set it in place, plug it in, and make data. P4 has designed its systems to be simple in installation, simple in operation, and simple to maintain.


Installation of the INFIL-Tracker system is done using off-the-shelf tools and minimal human resources. Installation can occur pre- or post-construction.


P4 Infrastructure has developed standardized installation procedures and can help you customize your installation as needed.


Ready to learn more? Use the form below to schedule a time to talk to P4 about INFIL-Tracker applications including:

  • Permeable Pavement Surfaces

  • Blue and Green Roof Systems

  • Permeable Reactive Barriers

  • Bioremediation Systems


IoT solutions for stormwater management

US Patent Policy
The use of INFIL-Tracker as part of a permeable pavement maintenance is patent pending: US No. 62/757,027 “Permeable Pavement Monitoring System.”

Designed and assembled in the USA.

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