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“We think your sanitary sewer should be able to tell you where you have leaks, your bridge should be able to tell you when it has experienced damage, your building – an excessive vibration, and your porous pavement - it should be able to tell you when it needs to be cleaned.”

Three Civil Engineers on a Mission to Create the Internet of Infrastructure

When Dr. Chris Foley has an idea, there’s no stopping until it’s a reality. He built the team, and now they’re building the Internet of Infrastructure.

P4 makes innovative products that leverage advanced design and cutting-edge technologies to provide data and analytics for continuous improvement of infrastructure.

All three founders are registered professional engineers holding terminal (doctoral) degrees in civil engineering – hard qualifications to find outside of university settings. Beyond that, they have a broader collective skillset that covers everything from art to bridge design, data acquisition to welding, and so much more.


Christopher M. Foley


Chris Foley spent 22 years teaching Civil Engineering at Marquette University. He joined the department in 1996, rose through the ranks, and spent six of those years as Chair of the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering – managing a $1.2M annual budget. During his tenure, Dr. Foley established himself as a leader throughout the industry, leading efforts to advance civil engineering practices and theory.

Dr. Foley’s Career Highlights & Accolades:


Nicholas J. Hornyak
Phd, PE

Vice President, Construction Engineering & Sensor Technology

Since receiving his doctoral degree, Dr. Nick has concentrated his energies in design, construction and inspection of civil engineering systems. He served as a lead construction manager with more than $360M in construction spending under his belt. Dr. Nick has also led a number of infrastructure design projects, including bridges, oil refineries, and water treatment plants. A National Highway Institute Certified Bridge Inspector, Dr. Nick has supervised and undertaken structural inspections on bridges, sign-support structures, oil refineries, and many other elements of the infrastructure network.

Joseph A. Diekfuss
Phd, PE

Vice President, Engineered Systems

Dr. Joe has focused his efforts in the structural engineering and construction-related aspects of bridges, buildings, and earth retention systems. A National Highway Institute Certified Bridge Inspector, Dr. Joe has experience conducting structural inspections and evaluations, developing inspection and monitoring plans incorporating the latest in LiDAR and UAS survey technology, and designing bridges, buildings and civil infrastructure features all across the U.S. 

About P4

P4 creates innovative, technology-driven products that are transforming the civil engineering industry. We provide opportunities for higher revenue and decreased expense during construction, operation and maintenance of civil assets. Utilizing IoT technology, P4’s products offer greater understanding of infrastructure health on micro- and macro-levels through the collection, management and analysis of sensor data.